Windows® XP ActiveX Controls

What is the ActiveX bar in Windows® XP? What are its functions? What are ActiveX controls?

Windows® XP is one of the most popular operating systems from Microsoft®, meant for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, and media centers. Released in 2001, it is the successor to both Windows® 2000 and Windows® Me. In 2006, it was succeeded by Windows Vista®. The operating system has various features and controls installed on it and one of them is the ActiveX bar. Discussed below are details about the feature:

  • What is the ActiveX bar and what are ActiveX controls?

  • How do you install the ActiveX bar?

  • Managing the Information Bar and ActiveX controls?

What is the ActiveX bar and what are ActiveX controls?

To add functionality to Internet Explorer®, certain small programs are used that are called ActiveX controls. They can make a website more interactive by allowing it to have more control over your browser. Internet Explorer® is the only browser that supports ActiveX controls. However, if you are a user of a Macintosh® or Linux®-based computer that doesn't come with Internet Explorer®, you will need to download Internet Explorer®, which is available for free.

How do you install the ActiveX bar?

Certain websites need the ActiveX control to display things contained in it, and to work to its full potential. To install ActiveX, you need to open the site that requires the control. Assuming your system doesn’t have the control, the Information Bar will prompt you to install it. You need to click on the Information Bar pop-up and then choose ‘Install ActiveX Control’ from the menu that comes up. You will be asked for confirmation; you need to choose ‘Yes’. That will install ActiveX and help you to load all the necessary websites that seek its support.

Managing the Information Bar and ActiveX controls?

You can manage the Information Bar and in turn the ActiveX control. But, you should exercise some precautions before doing so. You can turn off the Information Bar in Internet Explorer® by lowering the default security settings. However, it is strongly recommended that you leave these security settings at their default level or higher, as these settings are designed to help you protect your computer from viruses and other online threats.

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