Fix error “NTLDR is missing”

Are you puzzled at why error message `NTDLR is missing’ occurs?

The “NTLDR is missing” error message is displayed immediately after the computer is initiated, and instantly after the Power on Self Test (POST) is successfully completed. The three essential aspects of `NTDLR is missing’ error message is mentioned below. They are:


  • Causes of `NTLDR is missing’ error message

  • Consequences of `NTLDR is missing’ error message

  • Essential steps to be taken for `NTLDR is missing’ error message

Causes of `NTLDR is missing’ error message

There are many causes of NTLDR errors arising but the most commonly found is `NTLDR is missing’ error message. The reason for this could be that when the user’s PC is trying to boot from hard drive or flash drive it is not configured properly. Another reason could be that it it is trying to boot from a source that is non-bootable. This will also apply to optical drive or floppy drive media that the user is essentially trying to boot from. The other possible causes could be that files are corrupt and not properly configured, hard drive and upgrade issues of operating system, corrupt hard drive sector and outdated BIOS that is either damaged or there are loose IDE cables.

Consequences of `NTLDR is missing’ error message

Most of the time `NTLDR is missing’ error message appears if the user’s PC is trying to boot to a floppy disk , CD,DVD or BD that is not bootable, or it could be an external hard drive or flash drive. If this problem appears number of times then it will lead the user to necessarily change the boot order in BIOS. In such cases the hard drive with window installation is essentially listed. It is to be noted here that if the partition boot sector has been corrupted or not properly configured then also the user will receive this error message.
Essential steps to be taken for `NTLDR is missing’ error message

The user has to start his PC and check whether `NTLDR is missing’ error message is false or not. Then check the floppy and optical CD/DVD/BD driver for media and disconnect any other existing external drive. The user has to also check the hard drive and other settings of BIOS. BIOS configuration is an essential tool to inform the computer to use a drive. Thus, an incorrect setting can cause these problems including NTLDR error. In case if master boot record is corrupt or there is malfunctioning IDE cable or an updated BIOS version this error will reoccur. It is to be remembered that NTLDR error is essentially applicable to the two Windows® XP operating systems, Windows® XP Professional and Windows® XP Home Edition.
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