Registry Cleaner

Do you want to know more about Registry Cleaner?

Cleaning your computer registry is indispensable if you want to keep your computer working at its best. It helps in improving the overall performance of your computer system in a number of ways. The most obvious significance of cleaning your computer registry is that, it is likely to operate faster when the system registry is not stuffed with viruses and corrupt program files. The Registry Cleaner will help you take care of this i.e. clean your system registry.

Information on registry cleaner, its role and features are discussed in the following points.

  • What is a Registry Cleaner?

  • Importance of a Registry Cleaner

  • Features of a Registry Cleaner

What is a Registry Cleaner?

Registry cleaner as the name suggests is a software or program designed specifically for cleaning the system’s registry. It removes all the corrupted files and other malicious programs i.e. viruses, data files left after an installation was done, data files that are no longer in use, unsuccessful installation information pending at the Windows ® registry, etc. The unauthorized programs (viruses) and files tend to hide at the Windows® system registry. Other security programs like antivirus software may never remove them. This is basically why the Registry Cleaner was designed, to perform the functions that other programs failed to execute.

Importance of a Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner plays a very critical role in helping maintain your computer system performance. It improves the overall performance of the system by removing the unwanted information from the system registry, repairing your Windows® operating system and most importantly, facilitating the processing speed of your system. It is also credited for being capable of removing the viruses that the antivirus programs can hardly remove, that is, the viruses hidden at the Windows® registry.

Features of a Registry Cleaner

The features that would separate Registry Cleaner from other programs are that they can remove old files that are no longer in use from the system, repair the Windows® operating system, and clear up invalid data from the Windows® registry.

They should, however, not be mistaken for antivirus software, as they cannot prevent viruses from accessing the system when the antivirus is absent or out of date, and they cannot delete or remove any virus that is not at the system’s registry.

Like the antivirus programs, the Registry Cleaner can scan your system for malicious programs and corrupt data files at the Windows® registry. The scanning process can either be automated (recommended), or it can be done manually. The automated scanning can be done at intervals or regularly depending on the preferences and settings given by the user. For more information, the user is advised to read the manuals.

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