Registry Scanner

Computer SupportFeatures and functions of registry scanner.

Windows® registry is a very crucial part of your computer. It is a database in which the operating system keeps track of the relationship between hardware, software, and the Windows®. It keeps records of Windows® system settings, hardware configuration, software, system policies, file associations, and user preferences. The actions of every application in the system are triggered by their relevant keys in the registry. A computer can perform efficiently only if its registry is performing actively. It is very import to keep your system registry clean and up-to-date for the smooth functioning of all the applications.

The following section provides more information on benefits of registry scanner:

  • Internet Security
  • Avoid Registry overloading
  • Prevent Registry corruption
  • Fix common Windows® Errors
  • Improve Performance

Internet Security

You can manually modify registry to configure it according to your system requirement. A registry can also be modified by many different programs. This means that malicious programs like viruses, worms, and malware can easily write here. Even malicious programs are designed to edit registry entries and create harm to your system. To avoid such undesired situation you must keep your registry clean.  Scanning and cleaning your registry periodically will ensure high internet security to your computer.

Avoid Registry overloading

When your computer is new, the registry is quite robust. Overtime, when you have added many new software or hardware in your computer, the registry becomes loaded. Moreover, due to frequent software installs and installs, the records in the registry are not erased appropriately. This leads to redundant registry entries which clogs your registry and slows down your computer. Cleaning your registry avoids slow PC problems.

Prevent Registry corruption

The Windows® registry is an extremely sensitive part of your computer. It has high chances of system failure as it stores all the configuration data at a single point. This means that if registry fails the entire system crashes. If there is a corruption in the registry regarding booting then it will stop the system from booting. To avoid such corruption it is better to have registry clean-up in advance rather than going for a re-installation of operating system.

Fix common Windows® Errors

Registry scanners monitor the registry for system errors, invalid entries, broken links, and malware. It will also repair damaged keys and resolve various conflicts that are caused due to the presence of malware on your computer.

Improve Performance

Regular registry scan will speed up your computer performance. It helps you to control start-up items thus avoiding slow start-up problems. It enables your system to improve performance, speed, and security.

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