Reinstalling WordPad in Windows® XP

Tips to reinstall WordPad in Windows® XP.

WordPad is a program that is used for editing, formatting, and viewing text files. Its layout is very much similar to that of a notepad, but there is a lot of difference in the features. It has all the features a word processor comes with – Font, color, size, and the option of spell check and grammar. It is a word processor that comes with Windows® XP. You might need to install a new WordPad on your Windows® XP, because your earlier WordPad is corrupt or outdated, or you need the latest version of WordPad, or you have deleted it by mistake when you performed a cleanup. If you have deleted it by mistake, check it in the Recycle Bin and restore it. Sometimes, you may find errors saying that there is no more space on the hard disk or it is unable to save the file. Before you reinstall WordPad, ensure that you properly remove the earlier installed copy. You could do that from ‘Add/Remove Program’, by selecting the program you need to remove and then clicking on ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Remove’ option. If not uninstalled properly, it might cause trouble while you install the new copy of WordPad. You need to remove ‘wordpad.exe’ from the system folder to uninstall it completely.

Below are some tips to reinstall WordPad on Windows® XP:

  • Reinstall using a CD
  • Reinstall using a USB drive
  • Download it from the manufacture’s website

Reinstall using a CD

You can reinstall WordPad for Windows® XP using a CD. You may have a CD from the manufacturer when you installed the product, or you may have created your own CD with all the set-up information and methods. Insert that CD into the DVD drive and run the CD. You may be shown some instructions. You need to click on them to install WordPad. But, before reinstalling, check the CD for any viruses.

Reinstall using a USB drive

If you don’t have a CD with you, you can install it using a USB drive by taking the set-up into the USB from a website or from some other PC and try to reinstall. For this, you just need a 1GB USB stick. But ensure that it is free of viruses. Since it is only 210KB, you can even copy the file ‘wordpad.exe’ from a computer that has it and then copy to a floppy disk.

Download it from the manufacture’s website

You can download it from the website if you are not able to reinstall the set-up, either from a CD or from another PC. The Windows® manufacturer website provides you with the free download of the WordPad software. Download the set-up, run it on your system, and it will be installed. Be cautious while downloading the software and don’t download any unwanted set-ups or programs with it.

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