Runtime Error Causes

Get abreast of Runtime Error and its tailor-made combat solutions.

There are millions of computer users who are struggling with how to combat an error-cum-threat called ‘runtime error’. Such errors take place during the finishing and compilation of a program and act as a serious hindrance to the efficient functioning of your computer. The threat in question that comes along with certain coding can appear any time and can hamper the performance of your computer in a jiffy. Runtime error can be combated effectively by sorting out the ‘culprit causes’ and arresting them immediately by taking stringent measures and adopting tailor-made combat solutions.

There are numerous causes responsible for runtime errors. The most common causes of this error are:

  • A constant tussle with Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) or other running programs

  • Computer viruses and spyware

  • Software issues

  • Memory constraints

A constant tussle with Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) or other running programs

TSR is a short form of a program that can be made accessible by a keyboard shortcut. If somehow you come across a runtime error message in Windows®, it would be your foremost duty to “End Task” all the running programs. Remember the use of Window® 95 or Window® 98 can also be a major cause of runtime error threats. After performing “End Task”, if you still experience such menace, just ensure that no utility or program is being loaded in “autoexec.bat/ config.system”.

Computer viruses and spyware

Computer viruses and spyware are also regarded as the common sources of runtime error. As a computer virus has the capability of tampering with the system settings or memory, there is always a chance for it to create a runtime error. You can use an effective antivirus software or temporarily download a demo to scan your computer hard disk drive.

Software issues

You could have ignored the software-related problems, but the issue may be starting there. If it is the software, it would be wise to install and reinstall the affected program. In addition to this, it is suggested that you do not delete the program as this would leave you with some more registry errors and corrupted tagged files.

Memory constraints

After following and adopting all the following recommendations, if the problem still persists, it might be a memory-related issue that often exists in the hardware or storage. As a crisis solution, you can consult the developer of the program and if that also fails you, it is recommended to contact the computer or motherboard manufacturers for prompt service.

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