Selective Startup Mode

Are you keen to know about `Selective Startup mode’ and its benefits?

Selective Startup mode allows the user to turn off the Windows® applications plus services that are found to be extraneous with normal software installation. This tool is similar to the safe mode, and it is a very powerful tool to work for solving installation problems. You can install various editions with this tool. However, the three editions that you can run and install with this Selective Startup mode are:


  • Run selective startup mode using system configuration

  • Use Selective Startup mode for installation of Dreamweaver®

  • Use Selective Startup mode for installation of Quickbooks®

Run selective startup mode using system configuration

System configuration is an advanced tool that can help the user to identify the problem that will prevent Windows® to start correctly. However, the user can successfully run Selective Startup mode using system configuration. By utilization of Selective Startup mode the user can efficiently turn the services and start up the required program. The user has to necessarily select the check box to make the Selective Start up program to run effectively when he or she will start Windows®.

Use Selective Startup mode for installation of Dreamweaver®

In case the user finds an unexpected problem with Adobe® Dreamweaver® then it is better to reinstall it with other applications and keep the background processes off in order to ensure that nothing is interfering. The Windows® installer for Dreamweaver® user is an installer package, and thus it is not possible to install Dreamweaver® in safe mode, since safe mode will disable service of Windows® installation. But in case of Windows Vista® the best alternative is to use the Selective Startup mode. This mode will disable many of the programs and background processes that are non essential and will allow the user to install Microsoft® services like Windows® installer service. So the user can easily make use of Selective Startup mode for installation of Dreamweaver®.
Use Selective Startup mode for installation of Quickbooks®

Quickbooks® installation is categorized in the special diagnostic mode of Microsoft® Windows®, which is called Selective Startup mode in Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows Vista®. In order to specifically avoid the occasional interference of antivirus and antispyware program the successful installation of Selective Startup mode has become necessary. It will enable the user to start Windows® while he or she is selecting the specific items to run. Thus, the user can invariably try to use selective Startup mode for installation of Quickbooks® because he or she is otherwise not able to start it in normal Windows® version.
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