System Restore Point

System Restore Point and common errors related to it

What are the common errors of System Restore Point?

The System Restore Point is an essential feature of the Windows® XP operating system (OS), which can restore your computer to an earlier stable condition. Restoring the computer with this feature leaves you from reinstalling, and there is no data loss. The task is performed when your PC is affected by a virus or there is an error in the OS. System Restore Point stores the snapshots of the computer system as the Restore Points, which are applied while you are restoring the PC. The Restore Point saves all the data and files of the OS.

Some vital errors of System Restore Point are as follows:

  • Problem while accessing System Restore

  • File Corruption

  • Incomplete Restoration

Problem while accessing System Restore

The above problem occurs with the error message “Can’t Access System Restore”. This error mainly occurs due to damaged registry files. So it is essential that you try to fix the problem by handling the registry contents. Type ’Regedit’ in the ‘Run’ command box on the ‘Start’ menu, and press the Enter key. Then try to navigate the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows NTSystemRestore, and finally click the System Restore tab. To go to the System Restore tab, right click “My Computer”, then click “Properties”, and go to the “System Properties” dialog box. There is also a chance that the problem has been caused by virus or malware. In this case clean your computer with an anti virus or antimalware software.

File Corruption

The corruption of the system files may generate the above error. In this situation, your computer may show the error message “Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM”. This message mainly appears while rebooting fails due to a corruption in the registry. You can restore the registry manually from the restore point folder, which enables you to boot successfully. There are two main causes of data corruption in the memory; these are installation of a hard drive which is greater than 128 GB and the non-supporting character of the system BIOS to 48-bit LBA.

Incomplete restoration

Sometimes due to an incomplete restoration you may get the error message “Restoration Incomplete. Your Computer cannot be “Restored”. There are several causes that contribute to this error. Among them the first and foremost cause is the threats from spyware, virus and other malicious software. Often it is found that the software and hardware that are installed in the computer behave in a strange manner which results in “Not Responding” of a program, and in turn incomplete restoration.

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