Troubleshoot Errors on Windows® Installer

Do you face any trouble with Windows® Installer and looking for a solution?

Windows® Installer, which was previously known as Microsoft® Installer is an engine for the installation, maintenance and removal of software programs on modern computers with Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. Microsoft® offers Windows® Installer in installation packages with full installation information and files as well. The latest version of Windows® Installer has been introduced with significant changes from its forerunner Setup API. Some of the new features of the latest Windows® Installer are automatic generation of un-installation sequence and GUI framework. Windows® Installer is placed as a complementary to stand-alone executable installer frameworks like older versions of Wise and InstallShield.

More on Windows® Installer and troubleshooting from information given below for better understanding:

  • Details about Windows® Installer.

  • Symptoms of errors on Windows® Installer.

  • Errors that can occur in Windows® Installer.

  • How to fix the errors on Windows® Installer?

Details about Windows® Installer

Microsoft® Windows® Installer is an element of your Windows® Operating System, which provides a foundation for uninstalling and installing software. Manufacturers of some software programs are using Windows® Installer for their product setup for making the processes of installation, maintenance and un-installation easy and straightforward.

Windows® Installer 3.1 is currently available as a redistributable system constituent for the following Windows® Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003.

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP SP1.

  • Windows® XP SP2.

  • Windows® XP.

  • Windows® 2000 SP3 and

  • Windows® 2000 SP4

Windows® Installer 4.0 is integrated with Windows Vista®.

Symptoms of errors on Windows® Installer

The Windows® Installer will get a message code ‘kberrmsg’ and the error code will also have some code in numbers that will show the type of the error. When you use the online MSDN library and view the document, then you should check the community content as well.

Errors that can occur in Windows® Installer

The errors that arise in Windows® Installer are given codes 1000 or greater. The error codes numbered 1000 to 1999 are ship errors and greater than 2000 are internal errors. Ship errors have authored strings while internal errors do not have authored strings and these internal errors might occur if the installation package has been authored incorrectly.

How to fix errors on Windows® Installer?

The solution to the problem depends on the type of error. For instance, if you get “Windows Installer service could not be accessed “error, you will have to make sure that whether Windows® Installer service has started. Irrespective of the type of Windows® Installer error you receive, all errors can be solved easily with the help of highly recognized and qualified tech experts of iYogi, who will provide you with best solution within no time with 100% satisfied tech support.

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