Turn on Windows® Firewall

How to turn on Windows® Firewall and its advantages

Windows® Firewall was previously called Internet Connection Firewall. It is a useful tool to monitor and filter information that moves between the computer and a network or Internet. It serves as a line of defense against all those attacks which might try to harm the operating system installed on your PC. It is very useful tool and available free of cost as it is in-built in Windows® XP and later versions. But one should not confuse it with the role of an antivirus as it cannot protect you from virus or spyware attacks.

The following points will provide a better understanding of Windows® Firewall:

  • How to activate Windows® Firewall?

  • Protection from hackers through Windows® Firewall

  • Windows® Firewall allows network administrator to grant specific permissions

  • Windows® Firewall is inexpensive

How to activate Windows® Firewall?

In Windows® XP Service Pack it is turned on by default and if you have turned it off accidentally or unknowingly, you can follow the following tips to turn it on. If the firewall is not activated then you can see a red shield sign at the taskbar, double click it, it will open a new window with the name of “Security Center” which has the details about your PCs security status such as Firewall, Automatic Updates and Antivirus. You can turn on Windows® Firewall from here by selecting turn on the firewall. You can also activate Windows® Firewall by clicking ‘Start’ button from the left bottom of your desktop. A new bar will appear, from here you click ‘Control Panel’, a new window will open containing control panel items. Choose Windows® Firewall icon and double click it, a new dialogue box will appear you can turn on the firewall from here. If you look at the top, you can see 2 other tabs i.e. Exception and Advanced, from Exception you can allow or disallow the permissions for certain applications. The advanced tab has advanced tools to customize the firewall.

Protection from hackers through Windows® Firewall

It blocks all the unwanted traffic sources from Internet and provides a good protection from hackers. You can protect your privacy and other valuable data from the hackers. The hackers can locate your private details and can destroy the operating system.

Windows® Firewall allows network administrator to grant specific permissions

The Windows® Firewall serves as a good tool for the network administrator, they can allow only specific type of programs and Internet browsing for safety of the operating system; moreover, they can ensure that no one can misuse the computers. They can easily monitor the inbound and outbound traffic. As a domestic user you can also customize your computer’s firewall for limited use only.

Windows® Firewall is inexpensive

The most dominating advantage of Windows® Firewall is that you don’t need to buy a separate software to safeguard your computer from hackers. In all Windows® operating systems this package is installed by default (from Windows® XP onwards).

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