Usability of Windows® XP® Mode in Windows® 7.

Tips Regarding Windows XP Mode in Windows 7.

Windows XP mode in Windows 7 is one of the most exciting features provided by Microsoft Windows. The major benefit of this mode is that it solves compatibility problems of the system. It provides the PC with the necessary upgrades which it desires. It also supports USB which was earlier impossible to use within a virtual machine. Windows 7 is the latest version by Microsoft Windows. This mode enables Windows XP to become modernized. Windows XP was introduced in 2001 which has quickly become outdated. Thus the Windows XP mode provides greater security and hardware support. Long term technical support is ensured by the use of this mode. The customers can select the type of backward compatibility that they require without installing any unwanted legacy code.

The benefits and the need for Windows 7 Windows XP mode are given below:

  • Use of Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

  • Need for Windows XP Mode

  • Hardware virtualization

Use of Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Microsoft Windows has been providing a wonderful option to its users which is termed as Windows 7 Windows XP mode. This enables the user to run Windows XP applications along with Windows 7 applications in the same system. This provides the users a better and easy way to change from Windows XP to Windows 7. The user can use both the versions in one desktop itself.

Need for Windows XP Mode

Windows 7 Windows XP mode enables the user to access both the versions in a single desktop at the same time. This is very useful for small enterprises that use only reliable applications to run the various programs. In a way it is a way to upgrade Windows XP inside a modern Operating System. The set-up of Windows XP Windows 7 mode can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website .

Hardware virtualization

In order to run the Windows 7 Windows XP mode, there should be hardware virtualization technology in your processor or CPU. If an Intel CPU is being used, the user can use the ‘Processor spec finder here’ and search for Intel Virtualization technology in ‘Supported features’. Microsoft Windows recommends a 2 GB RAM in place of 1 GB RAM for using this dual boot facility in any system.

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