Support for troubleshooting issues related to Windows® Defender

Are you interested in knowing about troubleshooting tips related to Windows® Defender?

With the rapid growth of the Internet and the Microsoft® Windows® OS, network security has become a major concern to many individuals and organizations throughout the world. There are nearly a countless number of tools and software widely available that may used to compromise your network security. Windows® Defender is a security solution that protects your PC from spyware. You may encounter various issues with the Microsoft® Windows® Defender application.

This article explains you the various issues and provides troubleshooting tips under the following heads:

  • About Windows® Defender

  • Startup Errors With Windows® Defender

  • Unable to Start Windows® Defender

  • Simultaneous Use with the Microsoft® software explorer

About Windows® Defender

Microsoft® Windows® Defender is free antispyware security solution software developed and maintained by Microsoft®. It provides specific protection against a host of malicious software programs like spyware and adware. It is available for Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7. The Windows® Defender is a freely available download from the Microsoft® website. The Windows® Defender is highly specific in its action and does not carry a firewall component. It only caters to the protection against spyware and adware for your PC.

Startup Errors With Windows® Defender

The Windows® Defender is a very specific error code that is reported while startups across a lot of PCs worldwide. Chances are that you may have also experienced the error code on your PC. Error “0x800106ba” is widely reported with Windows® Defender on Windows Vista® when trying to change startup programs. This is due to the presence of the Microsoft® software explorer . By design the Microsoft® software explorer stops Windows® Defender from executing in order to avoid a design flaw that causes a conflict with the Windows® Defender. To resolve this issue, you will need to disable the Windows® Defender services on Windows Vista®. If you are running Windows® XP, you will need to completely uninstall the Windows® Defender services. This is because of an inherent software design flaw and there are currently no available patches for resolution of this problem.

Unable to Start Windows® Defender

More often than not you may be alerted to a message that the Windows® Defender service could not be started. This is a very common and trivial problem that has been experienced by a lot of users. It is caused by a corruption of the registry entries. The only way to correct this is to disable the Windows® Defender manually from the service console and then uninstall the same. The Windows® Defender would then need to be downloaded and re-installed to be functional again on your computer.

Simultaneous Use with the Microsoft® software explorer

If you are running the Microsoft® software explorer then you will experience some problems with the Windows® Defender, when you try to force an installation. This is because Microsoft® software explorer is programmed to disable Windows® Defender in order to manage the PC’s real-time protection. If you install Microsoft® software explorer , then it would automatically disable Windows® Defender on Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 and uninstall it from Windows® XP. If both the Microsoft® software explorer and the Windows® Defender are running simultaneously on your computer, your system may experience performance degradation and other problems caused by the conflict of two services providing real time protection simultaneously. To resolve this, you will have to manually disable and uninstall the Windows® Defender.

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