Tech Help for Windows® Driver

Drivers are one of the most essential components of your PC. They enable proper functioning of hardware devices connected to your PC. If you are looking for a way to install driver for wireless adapter, network adapter, hard Drives, printers, video Cards, CD-ROMS in your Windows® XP, follow these easy 5-step resolutions and install your Windows® driver effortlessly.

Just relax! iYogi is here to help. All you need to do is follow the easy steps as outlined on this page and you will be able to resolve the tech issue on your own.

STEP 1 – Click My Computer

Begin with right clicking on My Computer.

STEP 2 – Click Manage

Then click Manage and highlight Device Manager.

STEP 3 – Choose hardware

Pick hardware category relevant to your PC’s hardware and click + symbol.

STEP 4- Click Properties

Right click on the particular device for which you want to install the driver and then click Properties.

STEP 5- Drivers for Unknown Devices

If you see devices in Unknown Devices category, they are basically the hardware recognized by Windows® and does not have drivers.

Despite following the above mentioned steps, if you still have some difficulty with installing drivers, then call iYogi Certified Technicians now.

iYogi’s technicians are skilled and have undergone intensive training in Windows® drivers. They will resolve any issue any issue ranging from installing or upgrading drivers in your Windows® XP to the most complex of issues.

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