Windows® Firewall Settings

Need to know the ways of customizing the firewall in the Windows® operating system?

The Windows® firewall protects a computer from unsolicited access, especially while using the network connection. It limits the entry of unauthorized information to your computer through Internet connection. But if you find Trojan or some other virus, you need to reset your Windows® firewall settings. You can achieve this either by typing “Netsh Firewall Reset” in the command line or go to ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Security Center’, open Windows® firewall, select the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘Restore Defaults’. But there are certain things you should keep in mind while resetting the Windows® firewall settings. They are unblock programs, add programs and add port. These could help you to utilize the benefits of the Windows® firewall settings in a better way.

The following are some important facts you might notice while resetting the Windows® firewall settings:

  • Unblock Programs

  • Add Program

  • Add Port

Unblock Programs

As you know the Windows® firewall blocks all the unsolicited connections to your computer, there are situations where you might find it necessary to allow certain connections to your computer. Examples are playing a multiplayer game on Internet and receiving files through a messenger service. In such cases a Windows® Security Alert dialog box appears and you can click on the 'Unblock' button to unblock the concerned program.

Add Program

There is an ‘Add Program’ option in the ‘Exception’ tab of Windows® firewall. This is used to add the programs that are not working properly due to network problems or blocking by Windows® Firewall. You can either select the required program from the Programs list or browse the area where the program is being stored.

Add Port

Similarly you might want to connect to certain ports. The Windows® firewall blocks the unsolicited usage of ports. In this case you can choose the 'Add Port' button and type the name of the port and port number and the concerned protocol option, whether TCP or UDP. But when you add a port it could always be open to unsolicited entries. So always choose 'Add Port' if and only if you are unable to add a program to the Exceptions list.

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