Tech Help for Windows®

In order to repair an underperforming Windows® Explorer and simplify the job of executing tasks, the following step-by-step instructions tabled below will provide a one-stop solution to all your grievances with Windows® Explorer.

Following these simple troubleshooting tips and get rid of all your Windows® Explorer problems with ease.

STEP 1 – Run scan using antivirus program

Check your system for potential corruption or any problem caused by malicious software in your computer. Run a scan using antivirus or antispyware programs. Before running the scans, ensure that your computer has been installed with latest version and is up-to-date.

STEP 2 – Check your system for latest Windows® update

Microsoft® update is an online extension that allows the users to install updates for your computer’s operating system, software and hardware. Windows® update can be configured to install updates automatically to ensure that your computer is always up-to-date. If your computer is not installed with required updates, it could affect the performance of your PC.

STEP 3 – Restart Windows® Explorer

In case the taskbar doesn’t appear on your Windows® desktop, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to begin the Task Manager. In Task Manger, click File, click New Task (Run), type Explorer in the Open field, and click OK.

STEP 4- Check if newly installed software is interfering with Windows® Explorer

Verify if any installed software is interfering with Windows® Explorer. Though, most programs don’t create any problem with Windows® Explorer, occasionally problem may occur that prevent Windows® Explorer to work efficiently. If you have recently installed any new program in your computer, try un-installing it to see if Windows® Explorer works perfectly.

STEP 5- Perform system restore

If you can’t determine the simple fix for Windows® Explorer problem, perform a system restore. To access this utility, click Start, All Programs, Access, System Tools and then System Restore. It helps in rolling back to a previous state in case of malfunctioning.

We have provided you with step-by step instructions that help you fix Windows® Explorer error. You can update, run scan, and troubleshoot to fix error you are encountering with Windows® Explorer.

This will help you to run your computer efficiently. It is recommended to restart your system when you encounter a Windows® Explorer error for the first time.

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