Windows® Installer Cleanup Utility

What are the different features of Windows Installer CleanUp Utility?

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility is the ideal way to deal with unresolved issues concerning programs in Microsoft Windows. Stubborn programs can be removed even if they appear not to move when the user hits the add/remove program button in Microsoft Windows. This utility is designed specifically to resolve issues that crop up with programs that were installed using Windows Installer technology. The software is adept at singling out files or registry references that are related to Windows Installer and forces out entries that are invalid. Windows Installer Cleanup is compatible with 64-bit versions as well as 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. The entire operation is easy to master and can be done by implementing the following instructions.

The utility can be accessed only by the system administrator, and unauthorized users cannot access the program. It is ideal for removing installer information without compromising the actual installation. Partly installed programs and those with corrupt installation files can be removed by using the installer cleanup utility which will effectively remove the relevant installation information. The actual program will be still intact and now the user can directly start installation anew, upgrade or uninstall the program.

Functions allowed by the installation cleanup utility are:

  • Selection of the programs to be uninstalled

  • Reinstallation of programs

  • Ensure the security of the computer system

Selection of the programs to be uninstalled

The administrator can select a single program, or more that were installed from the Windows Installer CleanUp dialog box. The programs will show up in the installed products list. When you choose the programs, the installation cleanup utility will remove all information with regard to installer configuration. It is only the information related to the installation of the program that is removed and not the file itself.

Reinstallation of programs

Reinstallation of a program is allowed by the installer cleanup utility as it can be done using the file of the particular program. The administrator can decide to uninstall the program altogether, install it again or upgrade to another version. It should be done in the same folder as before as there is a possibility of files being duplicated on the hard disk.
Ensure the security of the computer system

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility ensures that the software is safe from viruses and other malware that is likely to infect your computer.
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