Windows Live® Registry Cleaner

How does the Windows Live® Registry Cleaner work? Tips to improve your PC performance

Is your computer sluggish? It might be due to your Windows® registry data base cluttered with invalid information about system settings or applications. Windows® registry is the place where the data base of the system is stored. After a while, uninstalling or moving a program can clutter the registry as the information is no longer valid. This may lead to severe problems like system slowdown, less reliable, unbootable and system crashes. The Windows Live® Registry Cleaner checks the registry, finds any invalid data, and helps you remove it. It searches for potentially obsolete entries. It helps ridding the registry of redundant information. Always use Windows® Registry Cleaner to clean the system registry as manual cleaning is very difficult. It is very difficult to determine which items correspond to which applications, and by attempting to remove items yourself, you might accidentally remove a valid registry item, causing software crashes and errors. A registry cleaner scans the registry, and attempts to identify the unnecessary values in order to delete or repair them.

Tips to improve system performance are as follows:

  • Scan the system registry with Windows Live® Registry Cleaner

  • Delete the cluttered files in Windows® registry

  • Clean all temporary files

  • Do not delete but uninstall

Scan the system registry with Windows Live® Registry Cleaner

Scan the system registry with Windows Live® Registry Cleaner. It is advised to scan the Windows® registry with Windows Live® Registry Cleaner and find incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing this obsolete information in Windows® registry, your system will run faster and error free. You should scan the system at least once in a month for improving system performance. The scanning functionality could be performed once in a month.

Delete the cluttered files in Windows® registry

Obsolete and unnecessary information in the system registry gradually becomes cluttered and fragmented. With the growing of the registry, it can degrade the performance of the whole system and cause many eerie software problems. So delete all the invalid files in the system registry.

Clean all temporary files

Clean all temporary files, MRU (Most Recently Used) Lists, Recent File Lists, and Cookies which are commonly found in the system temporary folder, temporary Internet files folder, cookies folder, recycle bin and recent documents list. It improves overall performance and reliability of your PC while gaining your precious hard-disk space back that has been lost overtime.

Do not delete but uninstall

Do not delete a program to remove it. Always uninstall it as Windows® keeps track of all your programs and it also stores the tools you need to uninstall programs. If you are removing a program not in the correct process, the stale leftovers will remain in the registry. So always uninstall correctly.

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