Support for troubleshooting issues in Windows Live®

Need to know about Troubleshooting tips for Windows Live® e-mails From New IP

The Windows Live® is a server for any mail account from the Microsoft®. It is very popular among business professionals.

In this article, we will be discussing about the problems related to sending e-mails from Windows live® through new IP address under the following heads.

  • Difficulty in connecting to the network

  • Blocked Mailing

  • Reputation Problem with new IP address

Difficulty in connecting to the network

There are realistic chances that your computer might not be able to connect to the network from a different location other than one which you might be using always say you’re your home or office. This causes a difficulty while sending Windows Live® e-mails from new IP addresses, because your system might not be able to configure to a new static IP address. Many locations are assigned to these IP address numbers dynamically which Windows Live® does not trust on face value. To solve this problem, first go to the network connection on the Windows® task bar and choose open network connections and right click to properties. Then click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties and put in the required information in the IP address and DNS server option to connect to the Internet and you have to repeat the process every time you connect to the new IP address. If the problem still persists get in touch with the technical support executive for the early solution of the problem.

Blocked Mailing

If you are sending a large amount of bulk mails from Windows Live® using a new IP address, no matter for what purpose you are sending them, be it as a spam or for marketing your product, your mailing option will be blocked by the ISPs on the basis of the automatic complaints generated against your IP address. To solve this problem, the user should start out with a one or two mails for sometime before changing the frequency of your e-mails to check if this works properly, but if the problem still continues then contact any technical expert to get an early solution to your problem.

Reputation Problem with new IP address

If brand new IPs are used to send e-mails from the Windows Live® server, than the e-mails will have problems related to delivery of the message. This is because the new IPs do not have the reputation on the Windows Live® server. But once, over a period of time, reputation is accrued for not sending spam mails, and then the Windows Live® will allow a better e-mail delivery experience. The new IPs may be added to the good reputation list within a couple of weeks, if the spam complaints are kept to a minimum, depending on the volume and accuracy list. Also add the Junk E-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP) account with the new IP address, if you are adding new IPs to the existing sender’s record. If the problem still persists then quickly get in touch with a technical expert for better solution.

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