Windows® Operating System Errors

Common Errors of Windows® operating system. Do you ever wonder the reasons behind the errors of Windows® operating system

You need to update the Windows® operating system for smooth and efficient functioning of your computer. You can update Windows® manually from the Windows® Update website. Updating Windows® is highly recommended to access various advanced features of the operating system. It also helps your system to be compatible with the latest software developments. Older versions of the operating system may clash with the advance software causing damage to the system files which may result in an error.

Three vital errors while updating the Windows® operating system:

  • “0x80072efd Error”

  • “0x8007007E Error”

  • “Error 0x80070002”

“0x80072efd Error”

The 0x80072efd is one of the fatal errors which occur when you try to update the Windows®. This error is mainly caused due to bad maintenance of Windows®. There are generally two ways to solve issue. At the first step, turn off the dial up accelerator. This addresses the issue if the problem persists; a detailed scanning of the Windows® registry files is advised. The registry files should be handled with utmost caution and proper knowledge. Since the 0x80072efd Error is often related to many registry files it is advisable that to use a good registry cleaner program to fix the problem.

“0x8007007E Error”

The 0x8007007E is another common error while updating Windows®. This error generally appears during service failure of the Windows® Update Website showing a message “General Error”. The main cause of this problem is the corruption in the Dynamic Link Library files mainly Cabinet.dll and Urlmon.dll. If you are using the Windows® XP operating system then register the correct file of MSXML3.0. In case the previous method fails to correct the error then you may have to update the system with the latest version of Microsoft® XML Parser3.0 SP4.
“Error 0x80070002”

This error appears with a message “Initialization Error 0x80070002” while connecting to the Windows® Update Website. There are mainly two causes behind this issue. The first reason relates to the connectivity problem with the network and the second is the mismatch between the content of the DataStore folder. In this case try to reconnect the network after sometime or delete the contents of the DataStore folder. However, you may have to perform several steps to perform the second task.
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