Help to boot Windows Vista®

If you are having any kind of difficulty in booting Windows Vista® especially in safe mode, then follow the easy 6-step resolution and you will be able to boot it with ease.

Just relax! iYogi is here to help. All you need to do is follow the easy steps as outlined on this page and you will be able to resolve the tech issue on your own.

STEP 1 – Remove external drives

Remove any CDs, floppy disks, DVDs, external drives from your PC and turn it off.

STEP 2 – Start up your PC

Start your PC by pressing the power button.

NOTE: STEP 3 is for those individuals whose PC has one or more operating system.

STEP 3 – Select operating system

After switching on the power button, your PC will ask you to select operating system. Then select Windows Vista®.

NOTE: STEP 4 is for those individuals whose PC incorporates a single operating system. Then you need not follow STEP 3, instead from STEP 2 directly follow STEP 4.

STEP 4- Press F8 key

Soon after switching on your PC, press F8 key and hold it for some time till the Windows® logo pop-ups. In case, if the logo appears much before pressing the F8 key then wait till your PC has booted up. After that switch it off and start the process again.

STEP 5- Choose safe mode

Use arrow keys for choosing Safe Mode on plain screen with the booting options.

STEP 6- Log on with user name

For troubleshooting problems, log on with a user name, which has administrator rights. As soon as the safe mode will be activated, your PC’s screen will have Safe Mode at the corners.

We have adequately booted your Windows Vista®. This makes your PC run at its optimum speed and performance.

If you still encounter any problem with Windows Vista® and its booting, then call iYogi Certified Technicians. The Windows Vista® tech experts hold great expertise in providing help for queries related Windows Vista® booting.

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