Help for Windows Vista®

If you are facing any issue while updating Windows Vista® operating system then follow the easy 6-step resolution and you will be able to update it effortlessly.

Just relax! iYogi is here to help. All you need to do is follow the easy steps as outlined on this page and you will be able to resolve the tech issue on your own.

STEP 1 – Click on Start Menu

To update Windows Vista®, begin with clicking on the Start Menu and then select Control Panel.

STEP 2 – Click Check for updates

Under the Security section in control panel, click Check for Updates. This opens a new Window.

STEP 3 – Again Check for updates

Click Check for Updates at Window®’s topmost left-hand corner to start an automatic search for latest Windows Vista® updates.

STEP 4- Click Install Updates

Ensure that every program is stopped and click on Install Updates. Automatically Windows Vista® will download and install updates. The progress of the process is noticeable by a bar.

STEP 5- Keep your PC running

Ensure to not to turn off your PC, while the update process is still going on. The total time of the automatic update process depends upon the number of new updates you command to install.

STEP 6- Restart your PC

Once the process is completed, restart your PC.

We have successfully installed Windows® on your PC, thus you can experience the best of computing.

If you are still not able to update Windows Vista® on your PC, then call iYogi Certified Technicians, anytime, anywhere. They will provide instant support for all the problems related to Windows Vista®.

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