Windows® XP Managing ISO Files

What is an ISO file? How to create and burn it in Windows® XP?

An ISO image is an archive file or a disc image of a CD or a DVD fused together into one file and stored in an uncompressed format. The name ISO comes from International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as the ISO format is defined by the organization. Thus, the ISO files usually come with an ‘.iso’ file extension name. These files can be burned to a CD or a DVD, which helps in recovering the files as well as the file structure from the original disc. Discussed below are the ways to manage your ISO files in Windows® XP:

  • Different programs for burning ISO files

  • Burning ISO files in Windows® XP

  • Creating an ISO file from a CD or DVD

Different programs for burning ISO files

ISO files can be written on CDs or DVDs. All the ISO files can be burned to CDs or DVDs using any of the available burning software, like Nero Burning ROM, Roxio Media Creator, or Alcohol 120%. Also, these files can be burned using standard burning tools as well, which are found inside the ‘New Compilation’ selection menu.

Burning ISO files in Windows® XP

Although, Windows® XP cannot burn an ISO file automatically to a CD or a DVD, you can download a CD or DVD burning software from the Internet. You should have a burning software program. After getting an ISO file, a blank disc (CD or a DVD) needs to be inserted into the correct drive. A screen message flashes the ‘Autoplay’ box, which you are required to exit. After that, you just need to get into your burning software and choose any of these options from the menu. Click ‘Burn’, ‘Create’, Copy Image’, or anything else indicating this action. Select the ISO file you want to burn through the ‘Browser’ option. Simply click ‘Start’ while also checking the ‘Disk at Once’ and ‘Finalize’ options. Now, you can sit back while the software burns the ISO file on to a CD or a DVD.

Creating an ISO file from a CD or DVD

Making CD or DVDs out of an ISO file is not the only option. You can also easily create a copy of a CD or a DVD in the ISO format. You require the same programs which are used to burn an ISO file to a CD or a DVD. Open the CD or DVD burning software program and double-click the ‘.exe’ file. From there, you need to click ‘Create Image File from Disc’ or similar options, according to the software you are using. Select the source DVD or CD by browsing, and then pick a destination where you want the copy to be stored. You can also select the option for writing or creating the file after the software finishes reading it. This enables the software to read the file and then create a copy without waiting for your manual command.

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