Windows XP Registry Clean

Tips to clean the Windows® XP registry and the common errors that can occur while cleaning it.

The various versions of the Windows® operating system rely on the registry at their core for proper functioning of the PCs, and, consequently, a corrupt or damaged registry will result in a malfunctioning computer that is unreliable in extreme circumstances. It is the registry that holds all the information regarding hardware component settings, drivers, operating system parameters, protocols, service information, and application data. A PC requires a thorough clean up at least once in six months or more regularly, according to the amount of software or drivers that are installed and uninstalled on it.

The registry is important for Windows® to start up and operate. Any changes or moves that cause the wrong files to be deleted from the registry will only jeopardize the entire system. Backups are a necessary safety precaution, and many registry tools now have in-built backup capabilities for the convenience of the users. A registry cleaner that is efficient at singling out errors and correcting the registry is the best software to use. There are many products in the market, such as Registry First Aid. Your PC can be healthy if you clean the registry regularly. Cleaning registry also enhances the performance and speed of the operating system on the computer immensely.

Things to keep in mind when you are cleaning the registry of your PC:

  • Back up your files

  • Be sure you know which entries are to be deleted

  • Clean your PCs registry regularly

Back up your files

It is essential that you back up all your files prior to cleaning the registry. Windows® XP users can download ‘ntbackup.exe’ file for this purpose. Windows® XP Home Edition provides the users with a backup application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft® website. Backing up files ensures that no important files are lost in the cleaning process.

Be sure you know which entries are to be deleted

Extreme caution should be exercised as you choose the entries in the registry that are to be deleted. You can easily cause irreparable damage to your PC if the vital registry entries are tampered with. This will result in your PC behaving erratically. All entries that are to be deleted should be double-checked before deletion.

Clean your PCs registry regularly

Regular cleanups of the registry help you to get rid of unwanted files in the registry that clutter it and slow down the speed and reduce the performance of your PC. Automatic registry cleaning is the best as it allows your PC to run smoothly.

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