windows xp vs. vista

Comparison between Windows® XP and Windows Vista®

Most of the home users are using Windows® XP and getting good services from it but now there is another release by Microsoft® which is Windows Vista®. Windows Vista® has enhanced features as compared to Windows® XP and different people are switching to it because of the boosted features, improved security and for getting more reliable experience.

In order to know that which operating system is better we have to compare both operating systems. Following are some comparisons:

  • Windows® XP versus Windows Vista®

  • Security Features in Windows® XP

  • Security Features in Windows Vista®

Windows® XP versus Windows Vista®

In order to compare Windows® XP and Windows Vista®, we have to go through different features of both the operating systems. In Windows Vista®, we have the Windows® side bar to select mini applications, Windows Media® Player 11, enhanced search feature, Windows® Aero, and high quality graphics as compare to Windows® XP. These are some features in Windows Vista® that makes this operating system better than Windows® XP. Although in Windows® XP, we have different features but these are some improved features and people are migrating to Windows Vista® due to such enhanced features.

Security Features in Windows® XP

If we talk about Windows® XP then it has two editions, one is Home Edition and the other is Professional Edition and there are a lot of security features available in both the editions. If we talk about Home Edition, then it has the fast user switching, personal privacy, Internet connection firewall, and shared document folder. In Professional Edition, we have huge set of security features like corporate security, network sharing, Internet connection sharing, Internet protocol security, smart card support, certificate services, encryption file system, blank password restriction, etc. With the help of these security features one can use Windows® XP to enhance security in his/her business.

Security Features in Windows Vista®

Windows Vista® has enhanced set of security features as compared to Windows® XP. Windows Vista® has a built-in security feature by which it can detect malicious programs and threats and provides solid protection against such threats. Other security features in Windows Vista® are identity management, access control, encrypting file system, information protection, software restriction policies, Windows® firewall, etc. Security tools in Windows Vista® provide overall security to the operating system from different harmful threats. It is also necessary to keep the operating system up to date. One can find updates of Windows Vista® from the website of Microsoft®. So, people who want to be more secured in this Internet age can use this operating system.

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